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What Is Teeth Aligners

Brackets define us as orthodontists, when you hear about us automatically the metal square placed on your tooth comes to mind, with a band around it that generates a certain tension, I would like to tell you that there have already been alternatives capable of arriving for several years. to correct the position of your teeth in a more aesthetic and less uncomfortable way (without wires, without bites and with less food retention).

Something that happens very frequently in the consultation is to see patients who have undergone long processes with Brackets and were not constant with the retention guards and do not want to use appliances again, or we never accept conventional orthodontic treatment because no other alternatives were known or they were very expensive, it is now where you can go to an assessment appointment with us to clarify all the doubts you have about these alternative treatments to Brackets and to know exactly what is the most indicated in your case.

Orthodontics has taken an impressive turn due to the new technologies that have evolved and favored within dentistry, increasingly systematized, improving the quality of the consultation as well as the experience of you, our patients.

What are dental aligners ?

Dental aligners are transparent guards that are removed only to be able to eat, unlike Brackets that are fixed appliances cemented by means of special adhesives on your teeth, these are manufactured using images obtained from an intraoral scanner that generates a model in 3D of your teeth, having a software to start the process of your treatment plan by moving your teeth digitally and using 3D printers to obtain an exact resin model of your teeth and thus remove the aligner that is fixed or molded in your teeth obtaining between each change of aligner the desired movement, its daily use for periods of between two to three weeks favors the displacement of the teeth in a light and progressive way,In this type of treatment it depends on the patient 100% since the use should be at least 20 hours a day. This entire process must be carried out by trained personnel who know and master the subject.

How Do You Know If You Need Tooth Alienants?

Misaligned teeth (crooked or spliced)

Spaces between the teeth that generate food retention

Joint problems (noise or clicking when you open and close your mouth)

In Esthetic Dental Center , we have all the team and specialists in charge who lead the treatment and with laboratory personnel that are located within the facilities, which generates a certain advantage since everything is in one place and we ourselves take care of making your aligner.

Not only do we correct teeth that are in a bad position, but we also delve into finding a balance of the dentomaxillary structures, which are those that help us with chewing processes, it is important to know that our digestive system begins with our mouth.

So do not hesitate to come with us for an assessment so that the doubts and comments you have regarding the subject are clarified 100%

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