Prof.Iman Abdel Wahab Radi

Professor of prosthodontics, member of evidence-based dentistry center, head of fundraising unit, head of central control unit< Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University

Speaker 1


Professor Iman Abdel Wahab Radi is a Professor of Prosthodontics and Member of evidence-based dentistry center, Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University, Egypt. She is PhD holder in Prosthodontics since 2005, started studying evidence-based health care since 2008 and attended some courses relevant to meta-analysis and critical appraisal. She is a lecturer of several under- and postgraduate courses involving how to write protocols, research methodology, systematic reviews and information technology and teaching skills in evidence-based health care in Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University and is a certified trainer of evidence-based medicine in Faculty and Leadership Development Center, Cairo University.